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Kenwell Corporation of Fulton, NY is a medium sized manufacturing facility with large manufacturing capabilities. Encompassing 35,000 sq. feet of facility, we employ forty-seven highly skilled, quality certified employees.

  • Contract machining

  • Hydro testing

  • Capacity planning and scheduling

  • Welding

  • Full QA Lab including 3 CMM's, Olympus IPLEX FX Videoscope

  • Niton XRF Material Analyzer and a fully certified staff

  • Access to plating, heat treating and material testing

Our products and services include:

We're a cell oriented, high-precision facility that specializes in time sensitive machine repair work as well as engineered products.


Our employees are highly experienced in machining a variety of materials such as castings, bar stock, high-temp alloys and exotics.


We manufacture parts ranging in size from .250" to 42.0" in diameter with lengths up to 12 feet.


You can depend on us to service short runs of 1 - 10 pieces to production runs of 30,000 pieces. Our delivery times vary from long-term agreements to quick response and emergencies.


Our customer base includes the leading OEM pump and compressor manufacturers, a leading manufacturer of military electronic components.


We work extensively in the aerospace, oil and gas energy markets!


KENWELL is ISO 9001: 2008 certified and is currently working towards AS9100 certification.

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