From Local Manufacturer to Lean Global Supplier

Kenwell Sheet Metal Co. was founded in 1970 by Roger Horning Sr. and Stan Axtell with a mission to deliver small-run machine parts and components to local manufacturers (in particular, Sealright Corp). 

“We saw a serious gap in small-run production in our local region,” Roger Horning Sr. remembers. “We focused on serving and earning business from neighboring companies, differentiating ourselves on the quality and efficiency of our production.”

This regional focus was a great success for Kenwell, helping us to grow in both capabilities and customer base for nearly 2 decades. Unfortunately, in the late 80’s, 3 of our larger customers moved operations from our area and we realized we needed to make a change. We decided to embrace the opportunities presented by globalization and expanded our operations to serve more national and international industrial manufacturers. 

The partnership interests were purchased outright by Roger and our name was changed to Kenwell Corp. 

Doubling Down on Quality

As we shifted to a more global focus, we upgraded our procedures to comply with ISO, Mil-Q and Mil-I standards. This required a significant investment in our quality management program and a renewed commitment from all levels of the organization.

Fortunately, we were rewarded for our efforts with contracts from respected companies like General Electric, Goulds Pumps and Carrier Corp.

A Cell-Oriented, High-Precision Machine Shop Facility

As we approach the half-century mark, we are proud of the business we’ve built and the reputation we’ve earned. We now employ nearly 50 high-skilled craftsmen in our state-of-the-art 35,000 sq. ft. cell-oriented high-precision facility.

A Solid Global Customer Base

We now serve a wide customer base that includes leading pump and compressor manufacturers, military electronic component manufacturers and respected aerospace and oil & gas industry companies. 

If you’d like to learn more about our history and the capabilities we’ve managed to develop over our first 5 decades, call us at 315.592.4263 today!