Lean Manufacturing Processes, Quality Parts and Products

At Kenwell, our mission is simple – apply lean manufacturing processes to efficiently produce quality parts and products for our global customer base. We recognize this mission daily by recruiting, training and empowering world-class employees, and implementing and maintaining cutting-edge technology from the design office to the shop floor. By focusing on continuous improvement of PPM (parts per million) and OTD (on-time delivery) goals, we are able to achieve the ideal balance of productivity and service that our customers have come to expect.

Our highly trained professional staff is endowed with the skills and equipment to design, engineer and manufacture quality parts and products that deliver years of reliable performance. Our flexible and customer-centric approach allows us to provide the right solution at competitive pricing. Add to this our priority of quick response, and we can confidently do what others simply cannot do within the same time frame.

AS9100 certified

With nearly a century of combined experience, Kenwell has the expertise you need to help you realize the precision-crafted parts you need.

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